C++Spec is a behavior-driven development library with an RSpec-inspired DSL.


C++Spec is a behavior-driven development library for C++ with an RSpec-inspired DSL. Designed with ease of use and rapid prototyping in mind, C++Spec offers an alternative to traditional testing libraries and frameworks.

Also see the official GitHub pages site for more information.


Either run git clone https://github.com/toroidal-code/cppspec.git or download the collated header file (if it is available). You can also download a ZIP version of the repo.

If you want to manually generate the collated cppspec.hpp, you can download the ccollate tool here and then run ./ccollate.rb include/cppspec.hpp > cppspec.hpp in the toplevel directory of the C++Spec repo. A cppspec.hpp file will then be available in the root of the project for copying.